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Conference Materials

Remarks by the Speakers

Herbert London Remarks (PDF, cca 72kB)EN

Joe Lieberman Remarks (PDF, cca 72kB)EN

Karel Schwarzenberg Remarks (PDF, cca 100kB)EN

Toomas Hendrik Ilves Remarks (PDF, cca 115kB)EN

Peter Ackerman Remarks (PDF, cca 136kB)EN

Bruce Jackson Remarks (PDF, cca 127kB)EN

Irina Kraskovskaya Remarks (PDF, cca 137kB)EN

Marc Plattner Remarks (PDF, cca 75kB)EN

Mohamed Eljahmi Remarks (PDF, cca 58kB)EN

Rafael Rubio Remarks (PDF, cca 51kB)EN

Papers by the Participants

Berel Rodal Paper (PDF, cca 172kB)EN

Conference Materials

Accreditation Rules (MS Word, cca 100kB)EN

Press Release Democracy & Security (MS Word, cca 248kB)EN

Tisková zpráva Democracy & Security (MS Word, cca 88kB)CZ

Program Democracy & Security (PDF, cca 684kB)EN

Background paper by Marc F. Plattner (PDF, cca 140kB)EN

List of Participants (PDF, cca 616kB)EN

About Organizers (PDF, cca 408kB)EN

Biographies of the Speakers (PDF, cca 1600kB)EN

Prague Charter (PDF, cca 452kB)EN

Freedom Petition (PDF, cca 92kB)EN

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To download the Prague Charter adopted by the conference participants please click here.

The conference participants also expressed their support for Burmese dissidnent Daw Aung San Suu Kyi by signing the petition calling for her release from home prison.