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The Prague Security Studies Institute

is a non-profit public policy organization established in early 2002 to advance the building of a just, secure, democratic, free-market society in the Czech Republic and other post-communist states. PSSI’s mission is to help educate and train an ever-growing number of informed and security-minded policy-makers dedicated to the anchoring of democratic institutions and values in the Czech Republic and its regional neighbors. The institute also aims to identify and analyze foreign policy and security issues in the transatlantic relationship as well as the Asia-Pacific region. PSSI offers programs that meet the critical requirement to equip new generations of young leaders to manage the complex, security-related challenges of the 21st century.

To fulfill its mission, PSSI undertakes to organize a variety of activities under its Security Scholars Program; Program of Atlantic Security Studies; Corporate Council Program; and other outreach projects and training courses. Please visit the Public Communications Section to download further information about PSSI.

PSSI also aims to identify and analyze foreign policy and security-related issues in the area of transatlantic relations, and to propose practical and prudent policies to address these and other security challenges.

The conference on Democracy and Security will build on the success of our annual conferences of the Program of Atlantic Security Studies (PASS)  on “NATO and the Greater Middle East” in 2003,“Energy and Security” in 2004, and “Business and Security” in 2005.


The Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem

is an academic and research institute that develops, articulates and builds support for the strategic principles needed to address the challenges currently facing Israel and the West. The Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies is dedicated to exploring the regional and global challenges facing Israel and the West. The Adelson Institute will examine some of the most profound questions facing the Jewish state, including such subjects as how to advance freedom and democracy in the Middle East; a re-examination of international law in the light of new forms of warfare and terrorism; the establishment of a credible deterrent against guerilla and terror organizations and the states that sponsor them; planning for the likely impact of political and social change on the future map of the Middle East; the meaning of "stability" in a time of changing strategic realities; the appropriate response to weapons of mass destruction; the question of how Israel's Arab citizens can most effectively integrate into a Jewish state; and the strengthening of Israel's relations with the United States.


The Foundation for Social Analysis and Studies (FAES)

FAES, the Foundation for Social Studies and Analysis is an institution devoted to Spain and to the promotion of individual, political, economic and intellectual freedom. FAES is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to analyse the world in which we live and to find solutions to current challenges.

Linked to Spain’s Centre-Right party “Partido Popular”, FAES Foundation has been headed by José María Aznar since it was created in 1989.

FAES seeks to strengthen the Western values of individual freedom, democracy, humanism and open market economy. FAES aims for these ideas to have an effect on public opinion and to influence the political arena. These ideas are likely to be adopted by politicians and transformed into programmes of political measures.

FAES organises discussion forums, seminars, conferences and training courses. It also produces electronic publications, books and a quarterly journal on political thinking.

FAES carries out a wide range of activities based on international links with other foundations and think-tanks in Europe, the United States and Latin America, as well as with thinkers and academics all over the world.


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To download the Prague Charter adopted by the conference participants please click here.

The conference participants also expressed their support for Burmese dissidnent Daw Aung San Suu Kyi by signing the petition calling for her release from home prison.